Zkouška sirén Zkouška sirén

Multicam clip from BlackPes club. If your connection is fast enough and you have 7 mins to spend with staring at the monitor, go for it...
Blackpes live (23/06/07)
Blues_blackPes.avi - (7:27, 74Mb) - PAL (720x576, 25fps) DivX, MP3 128Kbit
These vids are from Prague's Chateau club before its reconstruction. In nowdays, this place looks ok but before... it was even better. Real underground.
Release party (22/02/07)
Intro.avi - (4:18, 20Mb)
Tkadička.avi - (2:43, 13Mb)
Zasranej discoblues pro votrlý báby / Wyqygamus.avi - (13:21, 64Mb)
Očkování.avi - (5:14, 25Mb)
Sleszký.avi - + epésní proslov strejdy Bugrra (4:42, 22Mb)
Tesla.avi (12Mb, 4:49) - If you're keen on solving puzzle, try to solve this video...
Brutal Metal KillCore.wmv - Some like to play fast. Some like to play hard... We do both!